Province o Valencia

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This article is aboot the province in Spain. For the ceety, see Valencia, Spain. For aw ither uises, see Valencia.
Province o Valencia
Map o the province o Valencia an its main touns. The first croun o Valencia metropolitan aurie is drawn in daurk brown.

Valencia (Spainyie: [baˈlenθja]) or València (Valencian: [vaˈlensia]) is a province of Spain, in the central pairt o the Valencie Commonty.

It is bordered b the provinces o Alicante, Albacete, Cuenca, Teruel, Castellón, an the Mediterranean Sea. The northwastren side o the province is in the muntainous Sistema Ibérico aurie.

Part of its territory, the Rincón de Ademuz, is an exclave sandwiched between the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel.

O the province's 2,587,503 fowk, ane-third live in the caipital, Valencia, which is the caipital o the autonomous commonty an aw. There are 265 municipalities in the province. See Leet o municipalities in Valencia.

The province is historically subdividit into comarques:

Coordinates: 39°20′N 0°50′W / 39.333°N 0.833°W / 39.333; -0.833