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Provincial Palace (s. XIX) in Burgos, seat o the Diputación de Burgos, the province govrenin bouk
Provincial Palace (s. XIX) in Burgos, seat o the Diputación de Burgos, the province govrenin bouk
Banner o Burgos
Coat o airms o Burgos
Coat o airms
Map o Spain wi Burgos heichlichtit
Map o Spain wi Burgos heichlichtit
Autonomous commonty Castille an León
Caipital Burgos
 • Preses César Rico Ruiz (PP)
 • Tot 14,292 km2 (5,518 sq mi)
Aurie rank Ranked 11
  2,78% o Spain
Population (2011)
 • Tot 375,657
 • Rank Ranked 36
 • Density 26/km2 (68/sq mi)
  0,80% o Spain
Demonym(s) Spaingie: burgalés/a
Inglis: burgalese
Offeecial leid(s) Spaingie

The province o Burgos is a province o northren Spain, in the northeastren pairt o the autonomous commonty o Castile an León. It is bordered bi the provinces o Palencia, Cantabrie, Vizcaya, Álava, La Rioja, Soria, Segovia, an Valladolid. Its caipital is the ceety o Burgos.

Syne 1964, aircheologists hae been wirkin at numerous aures o the Aircheological Steid o Atapuerca, whare they hae foond auncient hominid an human remains, the umwhile datin tae mair than ane million years ago, wi airtifacts frae the Paleolithic an Bronze Ages o man. The steid haes been designatit a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province haes an aurie o 14,300 km² an a population o 352,273 (2002), o whom nearly hauf live in the caipital. The anerlie lairge touns apairt frae Burgos are Miranda de Ebro an Aranda de Duero. Mony o the province's 371 municipalities hae fewer than 100 inhabitants. The Sierra de la Demanda, the northwastmaist end o the Sistema Ibérico, is locatit in Burgos Province.[1]

Leet o municipalities in the province o Burgos.

The maist important rivers in the province are the Ebro an the Duero. The river Duero is in the sooth o the province an leads tae the Atlantic Ocean at Porto, Portugal. Plantit near it is a notable vineyard, Ribera de Duero. The north an sooth-east o the province are muntainous. The Ebro flows tae the Mediterranean Sea.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the Bureba Pass aurie, aircheologists hae foond evidence o occupation bi hominids an humans for mair than ane million years. Discoveries hae includit the earliest hominid skull in Europe.

The Celtiberian region that became Burgos wis inhabitit bi the Morgobos, Turmodigos, Berones an perhaps the Pelendones an aw, the last inhabitants o the northren pairt o the Celtiberian region. Accordin tae the Greek historian Ptolemy, the principal ceeties includit: Brabum, Sisara, Deobrigula, Ambisna Segiasamon an Verovesca (briviesca). Unner Roman colonization, it wais pairt o Hispania Citerior ("Hither Spain") then Hispania Tarraconensis.

In the fift century, the Visigoths drove back the Suevi. In the aicht century, the Arabs occupee'd aw o Castiles, although for such a brief period that they left nae trace o their occupation. Alfonso III the Great, keeng o León reconquered the aurie aroond the middle o the nint century, an built mony castles for the defence o Christendom. Gradually the aurie wis reconquered. The region came tae be kent as Castile (Laitin castella), i.e. "land o castles". In the eleivent century, Burgos became the caipital o the Kinrick o Castile.

Comarcas[eedit | eedit soorce]

Comarcas o the province o Burgos.

The province o Burgos is dividit in 10 comarcas.

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