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Tot population
14–17 million [1][2]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Greece10,219,255a (2001 census)[3][4]
 Unitit States1,390,439[5]-3,000,000b (2009 est.)[6]
 Cyprus690,394a (2011 census)[7]
 Unitit Kinrick400,000 (estimate)[8]
 Australie365,120[9] (2006 census)-700,000b[10]
 Germany294,891 (2007 est.)[11]
 Canadae242,685c (2006 census)[12]
 Albanieapprox. 200,000[13]
 Roushie97,827 (2002 census)[14][15]
 Ukraine91,548 (2001 census)[16]
 Italy90,000d (estimate)[18][19][20]
 Sooth Africae55,000 (2008 estimate)[21]
 Fraunce35,000(2009 est.)[23]
 Argentinae30,000 (2008 estimate)[24]
 Belgium15,742 (2007)[25]
 Serbie725 (2011)[27]
 Kazakhstan13,000 (est) [29]
  Swisserland11,000 estimated [30]
 Uzbekistan9,500 estimate[31]
 Romanie6,500 2002 census [32]
 Armenie1,176 (2002 census)[37]
 New Zealand35,000
Greek, ithers (mainly those o Greek strynd who are assimilatit)
Eastren Orthodox Christianity
(Greek Orthodox Kirk)

a Citizens o Greece an the Republic o Cyprus. The Greek an Cypriot governments dinnae colleck information anent ethnic sel-determination at the naitional censuses.
b Heicher figure includes thaim at haes ancestral descent.
c Thaim whase statit ethnic oreegins includit "Greek" amang ithers. The nummer o thaim whase statit ethnic oreegin is solely "Greek" is 145,250. An additional 3,395 Cypriots of undeclared ethnicity live in Canada.
dApprox. 60,000 Griko people and 30,000 post WW2 migrants.
e "Including descendants".

The Greeks, kent as the Hellenes an aw (Greek: Ἕλληνες, [ˈelines]), are an ethnic group native tae Greece, Cyprus an ither regions. Thay form a significant diaspora, wi Greek commonties establisht aroond the warld.[38]

Greek colonies an commonties haes been historically establisht in maist corners o the Mediterranean, but Greeks hae ayes been centred aroond the Aegean Sea, whaur the Greek leid haes been spoken syne antiquity.[39] Till the early 20t century, Greeks wis uniformly distributit atween the Greek peninsula, the wastren coast o Asie Minor, Pontus, Egyp, Cyprus an Constantinople; mony o thir regions coincidit tae a muckle extent wi the late 11t century Byzantine Empire's mairches an the Eastren Mediterranean auries o the auncient Greek colonization.[40]

In the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922)'s eftercast, a muckle-scale population exchynge atween Greece an Turkey transferred an confined Christians frae Turkey, binna Constantinople (effectively ethnic Greeks) intae the mariches o the modren Greek state an Cyprus. Ither ethnic Greek populations can be foond frae soothrern Italy tae the Caucasus an in diaspora commonties in a nummer o ither kintras. Thir days, maist Greeks are offeecially registered as members o the Greek Orthodox Kirk.[41]

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