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Ostensible bust o Herodote

Herodote (Greek: Ἡρόδοτος Hēródotos) wis an auncient Greek historian that leeved in the 5t century (aboot BC 484 BC – 425 BC). He wis born in Carie, Halicarnassus (modren Bodrum, Turkey). He is regairdit as the "Faither o History" in Wastren cultur. He wis the first historian that wis kent tae collect his materials seestematic, test thair accuracy tae a certaint extent an redd them in a weel-constructit an veevid nairative.[1] He is alanerly kent for writin The Histories, a record o his "inquiry" (or ἱστορία historía, a wird that passed intae the Laitin an teuk its modren meanin o history) intae the oreegins o the Greco-Persian Wars that occurred in 490 an 480-479 BC—specially syne he includes a nairative accoont o that period that wad ithergates be ill documentit; an mony lang digressions concernin the sindery places an fowk he cam ower durin wide-reengin traivels athort the launds o the Mediterranean an Black Sea. Awtho some o his stories wisna haily richt, he claimed that he wis reportin alanerly whit he haed been telt.

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