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Archimēdous Panta sōzomena, 1615

Archimedes (287 B.C. – 212 B.C.) wis a Greek philosopher, astronomer, pheesicist, ingineer an a fine mathemateecian born in the Greek seaport colonie o Syracuse. He is conseedert bi some maths historians tae be ane o history's bestest mathemateecians, alang wi the likes o Newton, Gauss, an Euler.

Diskiveries an inventions

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Archimedes becam a weel-likit withie as an affcome o his involvement in the defence o Syracuse conter the Roman siege in the First an Seicont Punic Weirs. He is reputit tae hae hauden the Romans aff wi weir machines o his ain design; tae hae been able tae muive a fou-bouk gailey stappit fou wi wi crew an fraucht bi pullin an aesome raip; tae hae diskivered the preenciples o density an buoyancy that's kent as Archimedes' preenciple an aw, whan haein a bath (syne taein tae the toun nakit heuchterin "eureka" - "A hae fund it!"); an tae hae cleckit the irrigation luim cried the Archimedean feeze.

Anither weel kent Archimedes storie tells that a king thocht he wis bein cheatit o his siller, sin he thocht his croun wisna richt gowd. Archimedes uised a theory aboot watter displacement caused bi wecht for tae finnd oot that the croun did hae siller in't, atho the keeng haed peyed for richt gowd.