Leonhard Euler

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Leonhard Euler aged 49 (ile pentin bi Emanuel Handmann, 1756)

Leonhard Euler [oi'lər] (15 Aprile 170718 September 1783) wis a Swiss mathematician an pheesicist. He is thocht ti be ane o the finest mathematicians that ivver leived. Leonhard Euler wis the first til uise the wird "function" (defined bi Leibniz in 1694) ti descreive an expression makkin uiss o various arguments; i.e., y = F(x). He is credited wi bein ane o the first til applee calculus ti pheesics.

Born an bred in Basel, he wis a mathematical child prodigy. He worked as a professor o mathematics in St. Petersburg, an aifter in Berlin, an then cam back ti St. Petersburg. He is the maist proleific mathematician bar nane, his collected wark fullin 75 volumes. He dominated the mathematics o the 1700s an worked oot mony consequences o the neow inventit calculus. He wis blind for the hindmaist seventeen year o his life, a time whan he produced near on hauf o aa his wark.

An asteroid haes been cried 2002 Euler in his honour.

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