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A mathematical equation scrieved intil the strand's saund

Mathematics is the studie o feck, structur, room, an chynge. Historically, Mathematics developed frae coontin, calculation, meisurement, an the studie o the shapes an muivins o pheesical objects, throu the uise o abstraction an deductive raesonin.

Mathematics is uised forbye tae remit tae the insicht gained bi fowk bi daein mathematics, forbye kent as the bodie o mathematical ken. This hinder meanin o mathematics includes the mathematics uised tae dae warkin oots or models an is an indispensable tuil in the naitural sciences, ingineerin, an economics.

The wird "mathematics" comes frae the Greek μάθημα (máthema) meanin "science, ken, or lairnin" an μαθηματικός (mathematikós) meanin "fond o lairnin".

Mathematics help fowks tae understand in sindry domeins. See the airticle o'er reality tae understand a practical example o the uise o mathematics.

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