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Aristotle (Aristoteles in auld griek) (384 BC – 7 Mairch 322 BC) wis an auncient Greek philosopher, a student o Plato an a teacher o Alexander the Great. He wrat beuks on mony subjects, sic as physics. Aristotle, alang wi Plato an Socrates, is aften thocht o as ane o the maist influential Greek philosophers. He turnt Greek philosophy intae the foonds o Wastren philosophy as we ken it.

Aerlie life

He wes born i 384 BC i Stagria ,Macedonae i Northren Greece. Baith his paurents belanged faimlies at wirkit i the tredd o tradetional medicines.

His Faither Nicomachus[1] we ken serred as a Coort physeician tae Keing Amyntus III o Macedonae. Baith o his paurents dee'd whan he wes aye yung an it is thocht at Aristotle wes upbrocht at his Faimlie hame i Stagria.

Whan he we Seiventeen year auld he wes sent tae Athens for tae ingadge i Plato's Academy. Ower the neist twinty year Aristotle bade at the Academy ,firstlins as a Student an efterhaund as a Teacher.

Oot throu thon period he wad hae developed baith gret respeck an aften creiticism o his ain Teacher Plato's theories ,wi the twa o thaim like tae hiv haen guid gaun an respeckfu discussions atween the gleg wittit Student an his maister.

Wi the daith o Plato i 347 BC control o The Academy wes ontaen bi Plato's nevoy Speusippus. Sic an appyntment aiblins wad hae discomfitit Aristotle wha no lang efter taen his exit frae the Academy.We kenna whuther sic actions war ower the heid o sic an appyntment or whuther his faimlie connections wi Macedonae war the raeson for his wagang. Keing Philip II Macedonae (Reigned 359-336) wes at thon time makkin War upo a wheen Greek Ceity States an tho Athens haed fendit thair self staundin Ceity,at lenth Athens haed boued tae Maistery bi Keing Philip wha noo haed owerance o the feck o Greece.Sicwyce Aristotle bein frae Macedonae micht hae haen a sair time o it i Athens.

For five year efter Aristotle bade as a guest wi the Academy's furmer Student Hermius on the Coast o Asia Minor at Assos an Lesbos. Its wes durand this time at Aristotle developed his pioneerin resairch intil Marine Biologie.

Alsae i this time he wes mairrit on his Guidwife Pythius wha he haen his ae dochter wi wha wes cryed Pythius an aa.

I 342 Atistotle wes bidden tae Macedonae bi Keing Philip II for tae lear his son Alexander. Alexander wes tae becum Alexander The Great an tho at the time he wes juist a hauflin an naether wad hae taen tent o ither ceptna as Teacher an student.

Plato an Aristotle walkin an threipin til ither. Detail frae Raphael's The School of Athens (1509–1511)

Aristotle an the Lyceum

I the year 335 BC Athens haed faaen tae the Rule o Macedonae .Aristotle haed retoured tae Athens frae his time awa . Nou aged 50 year auld he haed begun teachin daily day at The Lyceum. He stairtit his ain Schuil thare alsae cryed The Lyceum.

Thare wes a grup o Scholars thareawa at follaed his teachin at war kent as Peripatetics acause o Aristotle's fainess for aye walkin while he taucht. As a teacher Aristotle haed aye gane the gate o co-operative resairch wi his Students.

Thon norries he haed upbiggit frae his Naitural Heistory wark an his gaitherin o Philisophical Warks tae add til his ain Leibrary.

His Students war gien Heistorical an Scientific projecks tae resairch throu thair study , an the Schuil itsel wes aften gien tae control bi the Students thaimsels.

A new Student Admeinistrator wes votit on ilk ten days for tae meet wi The Schuil Heid Anes sicwyce allouin Student involvement wi the forderin o idaias.

Ower the heid o his teachins at the Coort o Keing Philip II o Macedonae [2]aforehaund an the eddication he gied The Keings Son Alexander Aristotle wes nou bein sennt baith Animal an Plaunt specimens bi Alexander hissel wham wes nou flouerin intil The Great feigure o Alexander The Great at is kent tae Heistory for his Conquests o The Auld Warld.

Sic gaithered specimens upbiggit Aristotles resairch an alloued him tae upset the first modren Zoo an Botanical Gairdens we ken o.

We jalouse alsae that Alexander The Great gied siller tae The Lyceum. Aristotles closeness tae Alexander tho wes tae forder his fleein frae Athens again i 322 BC alang wi his faimlie as the high heid anes o Athens cuid nae mair thole The Macedonians .

Aristotle an his ootset wirks at gied backs tae Macedonian Rule war noo targetit. He onpassed his Lyceum Schuil tae Theoprastus an wes tae dee no lang efterhaund i the year i Calcius no faur frae his hame Toun.

The Lyceum afore Aristotle

Lang afore the time o Aristotle The Lyceum haed been uised for Philosophical debate wi amang sic lang heidit Nemms as Socrates an Plato (o The Academy). Nemmed efter The Greek God Apollo Lyceus it wes firstlins kent as a Place o sanctuar an wurship anent Lyceus,tho efterhin haein an exercise yaird an gymnasium eikit til hit.

Biggit ootside o Athens Aest Ceitie waa The Lyceum wes kent maistweys as the centre for eddication,tho a wheen ither acteivities war ontaen alsae,the like o Military exercise an whiles the fowk o Athens foregaithert thare an aa.

Wi sicna acteivities structurs an biggins war eikit til the laund and the hail aurea haed rowth o Forest an walkin routes.

Tae it's Sooth wes The River Llissus an tae hits North wes The Moontain o Lykabettus. Monie gates led intil The Lyceum frae The Ceitie an thereawa.

Atween the 6t Century BC an The 6t Century AD mair an mair Biggins war upmakkit an the hail launds o The Lyceum ar thocht tae hiv gane sae faur Northwarts as modren day Kolonaki an as faur Sooth til The River llissus ,gangin Aestwarts tae the modren day Naitional Gairdens an The Ceitie waa.

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