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Aristotle Altemps Inv8575.jpg
Roman copy in marble o a Greek bronze
bust o Aristotle bi Lysippus, c. 330 BC.
The alabaster mantle is modren.
Born 384 BC
Chalcidice (Chalkidiki),
Chalcidian League,
Northren Greece
Died 322 BC (aged 62)
Euboea, Greece, Macedonian Empire
Era Auncient filosofie
Region Wastren filosofie
Main interests
  • Muisic
  • Poetry
  • Theatre
  • Politics
  • Government
Notable ideas

Aristotle (Aristoteles in auld griek) (384 BC – 7 Mairch 322 BC) wis an auncient Greek philosopher, a student o Plato an a teacher o Alexander the Great. He wrat beuks on mony subjects, sic as pheesics. Aristotle, alang wi Plato an Socrates, is aften thocht o as ane o the maist influential Greek philosophers. He turnt Greek philosophy intae the foonds o Wastren philosophy as we ken it.