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Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino[1] (Aprile 6 or Mairch 28, 1483 – Aprile 6, 1520[2]), better kent simply as Raphael, wis an Italian painter an airchitect o the Heich Renaissance.

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  1. Variants include "Raffaello Santi", "Raffaello da Urbino" or "Rafael Sanzio da Urbino". The surname "Sanzio" derives frae the latinization o the Italian Santi intae Santius. He normally signed documents as "Raphael Urbinas"—a latinized form. Gould:207
  2. Jones and Penny, p. 1 and 246. He died on his 37th birthday; according to different sources, his birth and death both occurred on Good Friday. The matter has been much discussed, as both cannot be true.