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Airchitectur is the airt an science o biggins an structurs[1] like yetts, brigs, an ither things that's biggit. Whiles, the pairts aboot the biggins, sic as pads an gairdens, is includit in the design an aw.

Fowk that designs biggins is cried airchitects.[2] They micht be needin skeels in a lot o fields, for ensaumple: mathematics, science, airt, technology, social sciences, politics, history an philosophy.

Fowk in unalike kintras an periods o history haes designed biggins in different styles. This micht lippen on the climate, the materials tae haund for biggin, an fashion.[3]

The earliest airchitectur wis the biggin o semple shielins, bothies an hooses.

As fowk first begoud tae leeve thegither in touns an ceeties, types o airchitectur becam mair complicate. Some o the auldest biggins that's been fund includes the peeramids in Egypt an the ziggurats in Mesopotamia, an ither earlie temples. The hooses ordinar fowk bid in wis fairly semple, wee, an close thegither.

The airchitectur o the Auncient Greeks an Romans is cried Clessical airchitectur. Some important clessical biggins haes stane columns wi complicate designs. Greek columns haes bauks pitten athort them, bit Romans cleckit the airch in their airchitectur that wis spreid athort the Roman Empire.[4]

Indie airchitectur is weel-kent for the stane cairvin o its temples an pailaces. Unalike airchectural styles cam tae the fore in Cheenae, Japan, Sootheast Asie, Africae, Mexico, an Central an Sooth Americae.

Fowk in Wastern Europe in the Middle Ages makkit Romanesque airchitectur, syne Gothic airchitectur. Gothic biggins haes lang, pyntit windaes an airches. A lot o kirks haes Gothic airchitectur. Whan the Normans invadit England it wis merkit that the Ingles likit wee hooses wi a laid o things in them, while the French likit big hooses wi a want o furnitur. A lot o castles wis biggit at that time an aw. In Eastren Europe, the Byzantine influence meant that kirks for ordinar haes domes.

Mosques micht hae domes an aw, that's a wey o biggin a braid appen space that can haud mony fowk. This is important for releegious biggins.

The Industrial Revolution led tae new types o biggins for machines an for fowk tae wirk in. Industrial airchitectur is the airchitectur o factories, mills, an ither wirkin biggins.

Modren airchitectur wis a new type o airchitectur creatit aboot 1900. Modren biggins aften haes a bittie decorement an is aften makkit o steel, gless, an concrete.

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