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Magni Hippocratis medicorum omnium facile principis, opera omnia quae extant, 1657

Hippocrates wis a Greek doctor. He wis probably born in 460 BC, an dee'd in 377 BC.

Hippocrates is cried the "Faither o medicine". He wis the first chiel ti scrieve o scientific raisons that fowk gat ill. Fowk uised ti believe that illness wis caused bi cantrips or mad gods.

Hippocrates scrievit anent the traitment o seek fowk. His writings are yit thocht important ti doctors the day. He stairted monie things that doctors aye study. Ae conceit he wrat aboot wis "patient confidentiality". This is the conceit that doctors cannae tell onie ither bodie whit thair patients hae telt them. Anither conceit is that the doctor maunna ivver dae oniething ti skaithe a patient.

The Hippocratic Oath is named efter him. This is a leet o things that he thocht a doctor shuid swear ti dae (atho fowk nou jalouse that Hippocrates probably didna screive it himsel). A new version that haes been edited ti keep up tae date is aye uised in medical schuils the day.