Province o Tarragona

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Province of Tarragona

Tarragona (Catalan: [tərəˈɣonə], Spaingie: [taraˈɣona]) is a province o eastren Spain, in the soothren pairt o the autonomous commonty o Catalonie. It is bordered bi the provinces o Castellón, Teruel, Zaragoza, Lleida, Barcelona, an the Mediterranean Sea.

The province's population is 888,895 (2008), o whom aboot ane-fift live in the caipital Tarragona. Some ceeties an touns in Tarragona province include Reus, Salou, El Vendrell, Tortosa, Valls, Amposta. This province haes 183 municipalities.

Thare are Roman Catholic cathedrals at Tarragona an Tortosa.

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Coordinates: 41°10′N 1°00′E / 41.167°N 1.000°E / 41.167; 1.000