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For ither uises, see Aragon (disambiguation).
Aragón (Spaingie)
Aragón (Aragonese)
Aragó (Catalan)
Autonomous Commonty
Banner o Aragon
Coat o airms o Aragon
Coat o airms
Map o Aragon (in red) athin Spain
Coordinates: 41°00′N 1°00′W / 41.000°N 1.000°W / 41.000; -1.000
Kintra  Spain
Caipital Zaragoza
 • Preses Luisa Fernanda Rudi (Partido Popular)
Area(9.4% of Spain; Rankit 4t)
 • Tot 47,719 km2 (18,424 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Tot 1,277,471
 • Density 27/km2 (69/sq mi)
 • Pop. rank 11t
 • Percent 2.9% o Spain
ISO 3166-2 AR
Anthem Himno de Aragón
Offeecial leids Spainyie (Aragonese an Catalan have special status)[1]
Statute o Autonomy 16 August 1982
Parliament Cortes Generales
Congress seats 13 (of 350)
Senate seats 14 (of 264)
Website Gobierno de Aragón

Aragon (/[unsupported input]ˈærəɡɒn/ or /ˈærəɡən/, Spainyie an Aragonese: Aragón [aɾaˈɣon], Catalan: Aragó [əɾəˈɣo] or [aɾaˈɣo]) is a modren autonomous commonty in Spain, coextensive wi the medieval Kinrick o Aragon. Locatit in northeastren Spain, the Aragonese autonomous commonty comprises three provinces (frae north tae sooth): Huesca, Zaragoza, an Teruel. Its caipital is Zaragoza (cried Saragossa an aw). The current Statute o Autonomy declares Aragon a nationality o Spain.

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