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Valencie Commonty

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Valencie Commonty

Comunitat Valenciana
Comunidad Valenciana;

País Valencià
Comunitat Valenciana1
Banner o the Valencie Commonty
Coat o airms o the Valencie Commonty
Coat airms
Anthem: Himne de l'Exposició
Location o the Valencie Commonty
Location o the Valencie Commonty
Coordinates: 39°30′N 0°45′W / 39.500°N 0.750°W / 39.500; -0.750
ProvincesAlicante, Castellón, and Valencia
 • TeepDevolvit govrenment in a constitutional monarchy
 • BodiGeneralitat Valenciana
 • PresesXimo Puig Ferrer (PSPV)
 • Total23255 km2 (8,979 sq mi)
Area rank8t (4.6% o Spain)
 • Total5,111,706
 • Density220/km2 (570/sq mi)
 • Pop. rank
4t (10.6% o Spain)
valencià, valenciana (va)
valenciano, valenciana (es)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166-2
Aurie code+34 96
Offeecial leidsValencie (kent as Catalan elsewhere) an Spaingie
Statute o Autonomy1982
10 Aprile 2006
Patron SauntVincent Ferrer
Parliament99 deputies
Congress33 deputies (oot o 350)
Senate17 senators (oot o 264)
WebsiteGeneralitat Valenciana
1.^ According tae the current legislation the offeecial name is in Valencie Comunitat Valenciana.

The Valencian Commonty (Catalan: Comunitat Valenciana, Spaingie: Comunidad Valenciana), kent alternatively as the Valencian Kintra (Catalan: País Valencià), is an autonomous commonty o Spain locatit in central an sooth-eastren Iberie Peninsulae. Its caipital an lairgest ceety is Valencia. The region is dividit intae three provinces: Alicante, Castellón an Valencie, an thirty fower comarques.

It haes 518 km o Mediterranean coastline an covers 23,259 km² o land wi 5.1 million indwallers (2009). Its borders lairgely reflect thae o the historic Kinrick o Valencie.

The current version o the Valencie Statute o Autonomy (2006) declares the Valencie Community a naitionality o Spain. The offeecial leids are Valencie (as Catalan is kent in this territory)[1] an Spaingie.

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