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Banner o Marbella
Official seal of Marbella
Location o the municipality o Marbella
Location o the municipality o Marbella
Marbella is located in Andalusia
Location in Andalusia
Coordinates: 36°31′0″N 4°53′0″W / 36.51667°N 4.88333°W / 36.51667; -4.88333
Kintra Spain
Autonomous commonty Andalusie
ComarcaCosta del Sol Occidental
 • TeepMayor-cooncil
 • BodiAyuntamiento de Marbella
 • MayorMaría Ángeles Muñoz Uriol (PP)
 • Total114.3 km2 (44.1 sq mi)
 • Laund114.3 km2 (44.1 sq mi)
 • Water0.00 km2 (0.00 sq mi)
 • Total138,662
 • Density1088/km2 (2,820/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Marbella is a ceety an municipality in soothren Spain, belangin tae the province o Málaga in the autonomous commonty o Andalusie. It is pairt o the region o the Costa del Sol an is the heidquarters o the Association of Municipalities o the same. It is the heid o the judicial destrict that bears its name an aw.

Marbella is situatit on the Mediterranean Sea, atween Málaga an the Gibraltar Strait, in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca. The municipality covers an aurie o 117 km² crossed bi heich-gates on the coast, these are its main entrances.

In 2011 the population o the ceety wis 138,662 inhabitants, makkin it the seicont maist populous municipality in the province o Málaga an the aicht in Andalusie. It is ane o the maist important tourist ceeties o the Costa del Sol an throughoot maist o the year is an internaitional tourist attraction, due mainly tae its climate an tourist infrastructure. The ceety haes a significant airchaeological heritage an aw, mony museums an performance spaces, an a cultural calendar wi events rangin frae reggae concerts tae opera performances.

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