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Villanueva del Trabuco

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Villanueva del Trabuco is a toun an municipality in the province o Málaga, pairt o the autonomous commonty o Andalusie in soothren Spain. It is situatit in the northeast o the province. Villanueva del Trabuco is locatit in the comarca o Nororma. The municipality is situatit approximately 45 kilometres frae the provincial caipital o Málaga an 34 frae Antequera. It haes a population o approximately 5,000 residents. The natives are cried Trabuqueños. Local legend haes it that the toun is namit efter a teep o early gun cried a Trabuco, which wis in common uisage in the aurie mony years ago.

Coordinates: 37°01′43″N 4°20′17″W / 37.02861°N 4.33806°W / 37.02861; -4.33806