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Josephson junction array chip developed bi the Naitional Bureau o Staundarts as a staundart volt
Unit information
Unit seestemSI derived unit
Unit oElectric potential, electromotive force
Named efterAlessandro Volta
In SI base units:1 V = 1 kg·m2·s-3·A-1

The volt is the SI derivate unit for electric potential an voltage (derived frae the ampere an watt). It is named tae honour Alessandro Volta, that inventit the voltaic pile, the first chemical battery, in 1800.

The volt is defined as the potential differ athort a conductor whan a current o ae ampere dissipates ae watt o pouer. It syne haes the base SI representation m2·kg·s−3·A−1, that can be representit juist as weel bi ae joule o energy per coulomb o chairge, or J·C−1. In essence, the volt meisurs hou muckle kinetic energy ilka electron cairies. Ye can syne muliplee the voltage in a circuit bi the current flowe, the ampere, tae gie the tot o electric pouer in the circuit, in watts.

Syne 1990 the defineition o the volt is mainteent internaitionally uisin the Josephson effect, whaur a conventional vailyie is uised for the Josephson constant, fixt bi the 18t CGPM as

K{J-90} = 0.4835979 GHz/µV.