Pouer (pheesics)

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In physics, pouer (seembol: P) is the rate that wirk is duin or energy is transmitted, or the amoont o energy needit or uised for a gien unit o time. As a rate o chynge o wirk duin or the energy o a subseestem, pouer is:

whaur P is pouer, W is wirk an t is time.

The average pouer (aften juist cried "pouer" whan the context maks it clear) is the average amoont o wirk duin or energy transferred per unit time. The instantaneous pouer is than the limitin vailyie o the average pouer as the time interval Δt approaches zero.

Whan the rate o energy transfer or wirk is constant, aw o this can be simplifee'd tae


whaur W an E are, respectively, the work duin or energy transferred in time t (for ordinar measured in seicont).