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Naitural philosophy or pheesics (frae the Greek φυσικός (phusikós), "naitural", an φύσις (phúsis), "naitur") is a science o naitur in the braidest furm. Naitural philosophy deals wi maiter an energy an the fundamental virrs o naitur that owersees the interactions atween pairticles. Pheesicists studies a braid reenge o pheesical phenomenae, frae the sub-nuclear pairticles that maks up aw ordinar maiter (pairticle pheesics) tae the maiteral Universe as a hail (cosmologie).

Pheesics is the natural science at involves the study ay matter and its motion ben space and time, alang wi related concepts sic as energy and force. Mair broadly, it is the general analysis ay nature, conducted in order tae kin hoo the universe behaves. It is a body ay the oldest academic disciplines, aiblins the oldest ben its inclusion ay astronomy. Ower the lest tois millennia, pheesics was a part ay naitural philosophy alang wi chemistry, certain branches ay mathematics, and biology, but durin the scientific revolution in the 17th century, the naitural sciences emerged as unique research programs in their ain reit. Pheesics intersects wi mony interdisciplinary areas ay research, such as biopheesics and quantum chemistry, and the boondaries ay pheesics arenae rigidly defined. New ideas in pheesics aft explain the fundamental mechanisms ay other sciences while openin new avenues ay research in areas sic as mathematics and philosophy.