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Destrict o Madrid
Plaza del Callao
Plaza del Callao
Location of Centro
Kintra Spain Spain
Aut. commonty Flag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
Municipality Escudo de Madrid.svg Madrid
 • Total 5.23 km2 (2.02 sq mi)
Population 149,718
 • Density 28,587/km2 (74,040/sq mi)
Madrid destrict nummer 1

Centro is the central destrict o the ceety o Madrid, Spain. It is approximately 5,23 km² in size. It haes a population o 148,714 an a population density o 28434,8/km².

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Subdiveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict is admeenistratively dividit intae 6 wairds (Barrios):

Ither relevant neebourheids are La Latina, Lavapiés an Puerta del Sol.

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Coordinates: 40°24′55″N 3°42′27″W / 40.41528°N 3.70750°W / 40.41528; -3.70750