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Salamanca (Madrid)

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Palacio de Amboage
Palacio de Amboage
Location of Salamanca
KintraSpain Spain
Aut. commonty Madrid
Municipality Madrid
 • Total5.38 km2 (2.08 sq mi)
 • Density27,418/km2 (71,010/sq mi)
Madrid destrict nummer4

Salamanca is ane o the 21 destricts that shape the ceety o Madrid, Spain. Salamanca is locatit tae the northeast o the historical centre o Madrid. [1][2] [3]


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The limits o Salamanca destrict are defined bi the Paseo de Recoletos an the Paseo de la Castellana tae the wast, the Calle de Alcalá an Calle O'Donnell tae the sooth, the Avenida de la Paz (M-30) tae the east an María de Molina Street an Avenida de América tae the north. It covers a aurie o 540.742 hectares.


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The destrict is admeenistratively dividit intae 7 wairds (Barrios):


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The population o Madrid at the beginnin o the 19t hunderyear wis aboot 220.000, increasin tae 300.000 inhabitants in the late 1850s. Housomeivver, the ceety wis still enclosed athin the defensive waw built in 1625 bi king Philip IV o Spain, which blockit the ceety growthe. In 1857, govrenment alloued the then Meenister o Public Wirks an Transportation Claudio Moyano tae expand the ceety (Plan Castro). Queen Isabella II alloued so in 1860 an the defensive waws wur torn doun in order tae build the first Madrilian ensanche. Don José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marquis o Salamanca, gae his name tae the aurie acause o his involvement in the project. It wis completely urbanisit bi 1927.

Syne then, the Salamanca destrict haes been ane o the maist representative auries for bourgeois madrileños. Salamanca is in the ooter aurie o the "Rondas", whaur the neebourheids o Guindalera an Fuente del Berro oreeginatit wi mair spontaneous urban development. Marqués de Salamanca Square separates the walthy aurie frae the mair popular pairts o the destrict. Nouadays, the Salamanca destrict is ane o the walthiest auries in Madrid an some o its streets, such as Goya or Serrano are pairt o the maist expensive streets in Spain.


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The destrict o Salamanca haed mair nor 72% o its votes gien tae the Fowkpairty (conservative) in the Spainyie regional elections o 2007 as well as in 2003 in baith elections bein the candidates tae the Ceety Haw an the Autonomous Commonty Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón an Esperanza Aguirre respectively. The destrict haes votit strongly in favor o the Fowkpairty in all the recent Spainyie general elections an aw as well as the European Pairlament elections in 2009 an afore.


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Salamanca haes aboot 150,775 inhabitants in 58.742 hooses, wi a density o 279 fowk per hectare.


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Salamanca is weel kent for bein ane o the walthiest an expensive auries in Madrid, wi a heich livin cost an ane o the heichest real estate prices in the ceety. Serrano street is leetit as the third maist expensive street in Spain (wi Preciados street, in Madrid an aw the first) accordin tae Cushman & Wakefield.[4]

A significant nummer o diplomatic missions are set in Salamanca destrict, such as the Swisserland embassy at Nuñez de Balboa wi Goya street, the French embassy at Villalar Street, the Unitit States embassy at 74 Serrano street, an the Italian embassy in Juan Bravo Street.

Salamanca is hame tae the IE Business School (previously Instituto de Empresa) an aw which is rankit amang the tap 10 business schuils in the warld.[5]


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