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Chamartín (Madrid)

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Gate o Europe touers an the Cuatro Torres Business Area unner construction
Gate o Europe touers an the Cuatro Torres Business Area unner construction
Location of Chamartín
KintraSpain Spain
Aut. commonty Madrid
Municipality Madrid
Madrid destrict nummer5

Chamartín is a admeenistrative destrict o Madrid, Spain an consists o the follaein neebourheids: El Viso, Prosperidad, Ciudad Jardín, Hispanoamérica, Nueva España, an Plaza de Castilla. It wis originally named Chamartin de la Rosa an remained a feudal estate till it wis incorporatit tae Madrid in 1948 [1]


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It is boondit bi the Paseo de la Castellana tae the wast, the Autopista de Circunvalación M-30 tae the north an east, an the Autovía A-2 tae the sooth.

Some o the landmarks o Chamartin are the Gate o Europe, a pair o inclined office biggins; the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, hame o the fitbaw team Real Madrid; Chamartín Station, the seicont lairgest train station in Madrid; the Cuatro Torres Business Area, a business pairk that comprises the fower tawest skyscrapers in Spain; an the Naitional Auditorium o Muisic (the main concert haw in Madrid) which hosts the Spaingie Naitional Orchestra.


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The destrict is admeenistratively dividit intae 6 wairds (Barrios):


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The destrict haes the heid office o Iberia an the heid office o Iberia Express.[2][3]


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