Category:Airticles wi deid fremmit airtins frae August 2021

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This category combines aw frae 00 2021 (2021-00) tae enable us tae wirk throu the backlog mair sistematically. It is a member o [[:Category:]].
Here are the message pages.

Some micht be {{Null}}

Mynd that Type messages will be uised gin they exist, whauras Main messages will be uised if there isnae ae message parameter. This is acause it is aye possible tae create a defaut type message, an it is niver possible tae create a default (non-null) main message.

Type messages hae the parameters month name , year an cat available tae them.

Main messages hae month name an year.

Messages are cried frae Template:Monthly clean-up category/core

Type messages[eedit soorce]

Main messages[eedit soorce]

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Airticles in category "Airticles wi deid fremmit airtins frae August 2021"

The follaein 200 pages is in this categerie, oot o 556 awthegither.

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