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In computin, a compiler is a computer program that translates computer code written in ane programming leid (the source leid) tae another leid (the target leid). The nem "compiler" is mainly uised for programs that convert soorce code fae a heich-level programmin leid tae a lower level leid (for example, assmebly leids, object code, or machine code) tae mak an executable program.[1][2]:p1

Their are monie different teeps o compilers. Gin the compiled program can run on a computer thats CPU or operatin seestem is no the same as the ane that the compiler runs on, the compiler is a cross-compiler. A bootstrap compiler is written in the same leid that it compiles. A program that translates fae a low-level leid tae a heicher level ane is a decompiler. A program that translates atween heich-level leids is aften cried a transpiler. The term compiler-compiler refers tae tools uised tae mak parsers that dae syntax analysis.

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