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Gabriela Laperrière de Coni

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Gabriela Laperrière de Coni
BornGabriela Laperrière
Bordeaux, Fraunce
Dee'd8 Januar 1907 (aged 40–41)
Poleetical pairty
Argentine Socialist Pairty
Hauf-marrae(s)Dr. Emilio Coni (m. 1899)
BairnsAne son

Gabriela Laperrière de Coni (1866 – 8 Januar 1907[1]) wis an Argentine jurnalist, socialist, an public halth activist. She foondit the Feminist Socialist Center o the Argentine Socialist Pairty, an servit on the executive committee o the pairty, the first wumman tae dae sae.[2] She wis a pioneerin intellectual who devotit her energy tae the cause o feminist issues relatit tae wirkin weemen in Argentinae.[1]

Early life

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She wis born in Bordeaux, Fraunce in 1866.[2] Nae further information is available aboot her early life, except that she wrote a novel on "wumman's efforts tae help sick childer."[3] At the age o 18, she marriet Dr. Emilio R. Coni, noted public-halth physician frae Buenos Aires who wis actively engagit in immigration an halth issues. She migratit tae Argentinae wi him. His activity complimentit her deep interests in the halthcare o weemen.[3]

In the initial years, Gabriella wis constantly exposed tae a stream o visitors seekin help frae Emilio, the Director o Public Assistance in Buenos Aires, aw relatit tae the halth, accommodation, livin conditions, destitute childer an unemployment amang baith men an weemen. Unable tae cope wi the situation, the couple muivit tae Paris. In 1895 thay returned tae Argentinae but her husband Emilio wis laid for months due tae a paralytic stroke. She then attendit tae the duties o her husband an helpit fowk who came seekin thair assistance. In 1901, the ceety govrenment o Buenos Aires permittit Gabriella tae study an report on the wirkin conditions o weemen an childer. Durin this assignment she toured the neebourheid extensively an wis appalled bi the inhumane livin conditions, lack o hygiene, fuid an halth facilities, poor nutrition, fowk livin in abject poverty, lack o electricity an mony mair miseries.[1]

Efter this assessment, she launched on mony rehabilitation programmes sic as providin fuid raitions, set crèches at wirkplaces sae that weemen wirkers coud breastfeed thair babies, an impruivit access tae urban services an hoosin. She visitit factories an reportit on the hairsk attitude o its awners in treatin thair employees which receivit public attention throu her writins in newspapers. She made a fower-pairt report o her fyndins an muitit a proposal tae enact labor laws which wad bring aboot pertection o weemen an childer an aw. This bill wis enactit bi the Pairlament efter her daith in 1907.[1]


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