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Republic o Dagestan
Республика Дагестан (Russian)
—  Republic  —

Flag o Dagestan

Coat o airms o Dagestan
Anthem: Naitional Anthem o the Republic o Dagestan
Coordinates: 43°06′N 46°53′E / 43.100°N 46.883°E / 43.100; 46.883Coordinates: 43°06′N 46°53′E / 43.100°N 46.883°E / 43.100; 46.883
Poleetical status
Country  Roushie
Federal destrict North Caucasian[1]
Economic region North Caucasus[2]
Established 10 Januar 1921[3]
Caipital Makhachkala
Govrenment (as of August 2010)
 - Preses[5] Magomedsalam Magomedov[4]
 - Legislatur Fowkassembly[5]
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[6]
 - Tot 50,300 km2 (19,400 sq mi)
Aurie rank 52nt
Population (2010 Census)[7]
 - Tot 2,910,249
 - Rank 12t
 - Density[8] 57.86/km2 (149.9/sq mi)
 - Urban 45.2%
 - Rural 54.8%
Time zone(s) [9]
ISO 3166-2 RU-DA
License plates 05
Offeecial leids Roushie;[10] Aghul, Avar, Azeri, Chechen, Dargwa, Kumyk, Lak, Lezgian, Nogai, Rutul, Tabasaran, Tat, Tsakhur[11][12]
Offeecial wabsteid

The Republic o Dagestan (/[unsupported input]dɑːɡˈstɑːn/ or /dæɡˈstæn/; Roushie: Респу́блика Дагеста́н, Respublika Dagestan; an aw spelt Daghestan) is a federal subject (a republic) o Roushie, locatit in the North Caucasus region. Its caipital an the lairgest ceety is Makhachkala, locatit at the center o Dagestan on the Caspian Sea. Population: 2,910,249 (2010 Census).[7]

Dagestan is ethnically vera diverse, wi several dozen ethnic groups an subgroups inhabitin the republic, maist o which speak either Caucasian, Turkic, or Iranian leids. Lairgest among these ethnic groups are the Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, Lezgin, an Laks.[13] While Roushies form anerlie a sma proportion (4.7%) o the population, Roushie remains the primary offeecial leid.

Dagestan haes been a scene o law-level Islamic insurgency, occasional ootbreaks o separatism, ethnic tensions an terrorism syne the 1990s. Accordin tae International Crisis Group, the militant Islamist organization Shariat Jamaat is responsible for hintle o the violence.[14] Hintle o the tension is ruitit in an internal Islamic conflict atween traditional Sufi groups advocatin secular govrenment an mair recently introducit Salafist teachers preachin the implementation o Sharia law in Dagestan.

Toponymy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The wird Dagestan is o Turkic oreegin. Dag means 'muntain' an -stan is a Persie suffix meanin 'land'. The wird Dagestan therefore means "the land o muntains". Some auries o Dagestan wur kent as Albanie, Avaria, an Tarkov at various times.[15]

Names for Dagestan[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Avar - Дагъистаналъул Республика (Dağistanal‘ul Respublika)
  • Dargin - Дагъистанес Республика (Dağistanes Respublika)
  • Kumyk - Дагъыстан Республикасы (Dağıstan Respublikası)
  • Lezgian - Дагъустандин Республика (Dağustandin Respublika)
  • Lak - Дагъустаннал Республика (Dağustannal Respublika)
  • Tabasaran - Дагъустан Республика (Dağustan Respublika)
  • Turkis - Dağıstan Cumhuriyeti
  • Azerbaijani - Dağıstan Respublikası
  • Chechen - Dexasta-çö.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The republic is situatit in the North Caucasus muntains. It is the soothmaist pairt o Roushie, an is bordered on its eastren side bi the Caspian Sea.

Rivers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o Dagestan

There are ower 1,800 rivers in the republic. Major rivers include:

Lakes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dagestan haes aboot 400 kilometers (250 mi) o coast line on the Caspian Sea.

Muntains[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist o the Republic is muntainous, wi the Greater Caucasus Muntains coverin the sooth. The heichest point is the Bazardyuzi peak at 4,466 m.

Natural resources[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dagestan is rich in Ile, natural gas, coal, an mony ither minerals.

Climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

The climate is hot an dry in the simmer but the winters are hard in the muntain auries.

  • Average Januar temperatur: +2 °C (36 °F)
  • Average Julie temperatur: +26 °C (79 °F)
  • Average annual precipitation: 250 (northren plains) tae 800 mm (in the muntains).

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

See an aw[eedit | eedit soorce]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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