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Tot population
c. 800,000 - 1 200,000
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Russia 800,000 (census, 2016)
600,000 (census, 2016)[1]
 Azerbaijanc. 380.000 (2016, Azerbaijani government)[2]
Sunni Islam, minority Shia Islam[3][4][5]
Relatit ethnic groups
Tabasarans, Aghuls, Rutuls, Budukhs, Kryts, Tsakhurs, Archi, Shahdagh an Udi an ither Northeast Caucasian fowks

Lezgins (Lezgian: лезгияр, lezgiyar, Roushie: лезгины, lezginy; cried Lezgins, Lezgi, Lezgis, Lezgs, Lezgin an aw) are a Lezgic ethnic group native predominantly tae soothren Dagestan an northeastren Azerbaijan an wha speak the Lezgian leid.

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