Moscow Oblast

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Moscow Oblast
Московская область (Russian)
—  Oblast  —

Banner of Moscow Oblast

Coat of arms of Moscow Oblast
Poleetical status
Country  Roushie
Federal destrict Central[1]
Economic region Central[2]
Established 14 Januar 1929[3][4]
Admeenistrative centre Nane
Govrenment (as of March 2010)
 - Govrenor[6] Sergey Shoygu[5]
 - Legislatur Oblast Duma[7]
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[8]
 - Tot 45,900 km2 (17,700 sq mi)
Aurie rank 54t
Population (2010 Census)[9]
 - Tot 7,095,120
 - Rank 2nt
 - Density[10] 154.58/km2 (400.4/sq mi)
 - Urban 80.1%
 - Rural 19.9%
Time zone(s) MSK (UTC+03:00)[11]
ISO 3166-2 RU-MOS
License plates 50, 90, 150, 190
Offeecial leids Roushie[12]
Offeecial wabsteid

Moscow Oblast (Roushie: Моско́вская о́бласть, Moskovskaya Oblast), or Podmoskovye[13] (Подмоско́вье), is a federal subject o Roushie (an oblast). Its aurie, at 45,900 km2 (17,700 sq mi), is relatively sma compared tae ither federal subjects, but it is ane o the maist densely populatit regions in the kintra[14] an, wi the 2010 population o 7,092,941, is the seicont maist muckle federal subject.[9] Thare is nae offeecial admeenistrative centre o Moscow Oblast; its public authorities are locatit in Moscow an athort ither locations in the oblast.

The oblast wis foondit in 1929. It borders Tver Oblast in the northwast, Yaroslavl Oblast in the north, Vladimir Oblast in the northeast an east, Ryazan Oblast in the sootheast, Tula Oblast in the sooth, Kaluga Oblast in the soothwast an Smolensk Oblast in the wast. In the centre staunds the federal ceety o Moscow, which is a separate federal subject in its awn richt. The oblast is heichly industrialized, wi its main industrial branches bein metallurgy, ile refinin, an mechanical ingineerin, fuid, energy, an chemical industries.

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