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Aqyar (Akhtiar)
Artillery Bay
Artillery Bay
Banner o Sevastopol
Coat of airms o Sevastopol
Coat airms
Map o Ukraine wi Sevastopol heichlichtit
Map o Ukraine wi Sevastopol heichlichtit
Coordinates: 44°36′N 33°32′E / 44.600°N 33.533°E / 44.600; 33.533
Kintra Ukraine
MunicipalitySevastopol Municipality
 • Ceety GovrenorVladimir Grigorievich Yatsuba
 • Total864 km2 (334 sq mi)
100 m (300 ft)
 • Total379,200
 • Density438.89/km2 (1,136.7/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (MSK)
Postal code
Area code(s)+380-692
License plateCH

Sevastopol (Ukrainian: Севастополь; Roushie: Севасто́поль; Crimean Tatar: Акъяр, Aqyar; Greek: Σεβαστούπολη, Sevastoupoli) is a ceety on richts o admeenistrative diveesion o Ukraine, locatit on the Black Sea coast o the Crimea peninsula. It haes a population o 342,451 (2001).[2] Sevastopol is the seicont lairgest port in Ukraine, efter the Port o Odessa.

The unique geographic location an navigation conditions o the ceety's harbours mak Sevastopol a strategically important naval point. It is an aa a popular seaside resort an tourist destination, mainly for visitors frae the Commonwalth o Independent States (CIS) kintras. The ceety, umwhile the hame o the Roushie then Soviet Black Sea Fleet, is nou hame tae a Ukrainian naval base an a Roushie naval base in facilities leased bi the Roushie Navy. The heidquarters o baith the Ukrainian Naval Forces an Roushie's Black Sea Fleet are locatit in the ceety. In 1993, the ceety wis the subject o a territorial dispute atween the Roushie Federation an Ukraine.

The trade an shipbiggin importance o Sevastopol's port haes been growin syne the faw o the Soviet Union, despite the difficulties that arise frae the joint military control ower its harbours an piers. Sevastopol is an aa an important centre o marine biology research. In pairticular, studyin an trainin o dowphins haes been conductit in the ceety syne the end o Warld War II. It wis first conductit as a secret naval programme tae uise the animals for special unnersea operations. Sevastopol enjoys ane o the warmest climates in Ukraine, wi mild winters an moderate warm simmers.

Etymologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name o Sevastopolis (Modren Greek: Σεβαστούπολη, Sevastoupoli, auld-fashioned Σεβαστούπολις, Sevastoupolis), or currently Sevastopol, wis oreeginally chosen in the same etymological trend as ither ceeties in the Crimean peninsulae that wis intendit tae reflect its auncient Greek oreegins. It is a compoond o twa Greek nouns, σεβαστός (sebastós, Modern sevastós) ('venerable') an πόλις (pólis) ('ceety'). Σεβαστός is the traditional Greek translation o the honourable Roman title Augustus ('venerable'), oreeginally gien tae the first emperor o the Roman Empire, G. Julius Caesar Octavianus an later awardit as a title tae his successors.

Despite its Greek oreegin, the name is no auld. The ceety wis probably named efter the Empress ("Augusta") Catherine II o Roushie who foondit Sevastopol in 1783. She visitit the ceety in 1787 accompanied bi Joseph II, the Emperor o Austrick, an ither foreign dignitaries.

In the wast o the ceety, there are well-preserved ruins o an auncient Greek port ceety o Chersonesos, foondit in the 5t century BC. The name means "peninsula" reflectin its location an is no relatit tae the auncient Greek name for the Crimean Peninsulae, Chersonēsos Taurikē ("the Taurian Peninsulae").

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