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Republic o Bashkortostan
Республика Башкортостан (Russian)
Башҡортостан Республикаһы (Bashkir)
—  Republic  —

Flag o Bashkortostan

Coat o airms o Bashkortostan
Anthem: Naitional Anthem o the Republic o Bashkortostan
Poleetical status
Country Roushie
Federal destrictVolga[1]
Economic regionUrals[2]
Established23 Mairch 1919
Govrenment (as of August 2010)
 - Preses[4]Rustem Khamitov
 - LegislaturState Assembly—Kurultai[4]
Aurie (as o the 2002 Census)[5]
 - Tot143,600 km2 (55,400 sq mi)
Aurie rank27th
Population (2010 Census)[6]
 - Tot4,072,292
 - Rank7t
 - Density[7]28.36/km2 (73.5/sq mi)
 - Urban60.4%
 - Rural39.6%
Time zone(s)YEKT (UTC+05:00)[8]
ISO 3166-2RU-BA
License plates02, 102
Offeecial leidsRoushie;[9] Bashkir[10]
Offeecial wabsteid
Bashkir White Hoose

The Republic o Bashkortostan (Roushie: Респу́блика Башкортоста́н, Respublika Bashkortostan; Bashkir: Башҡортостан Республикаһы, Başqortostan Respublikahı), kent anaw as Bashkiria (Башки́рия, Bashkiriya) is a federal subject o Roushie (a republic). It is locatit atween the Volga River an the Ural Muntains. Its caipital is the ceety o Ufa. Population: 4,072,292 (2010 Census).[6]

Terminology[eedit | eedit soorce]

"Bashkortostan" derives frae the name o the Bashkir ethnic group an the Persie suffix -stan (an endin common tae mony Central Asie kintras).

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