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Canadae guiss
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Aves
Order: Anseriformes
Faimily: Anatidae
Subfaimily: Anserinae
Tribe: Anserini
Whaur[deid airtin] she gangs, thay gang: the result o lairnin
Geese[deid airtin] flittin

Guiss (plural geese, genus Anser) is a genus wi 11 species ithin the swan subfaimilie.

Forby, swans, that's maist pairtlie mair bigger as geese, an the deuks, that's no sae big an haes cuttie hauses, is pairt o this faimilie.

Geese is kent for likin tae keep thegither. A lot o thaim can be muved in big groups because o this featur o the wey thay gyde thairsels. Baith babby an growen geese shaws collective beast behaviour. Geese flits in groups in the ware an the back-end, fleein thegither in a V-shape.

A male guiss is cryed a "gainder" an a babby guiss is cryed a "gaislin".

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