Akunk, Gegharkunik

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Akunk Ակունք is locatit in Armenie
Akunk Ակունք
Coordinates: 40°09′08″N 45°43′12″E / 40.15222°N 45.72000°E / 40.15222; 45.72000
Kintra Armenie
Province Gegharkunik
Population (2008)
 • Tot 3,741

Akunk (Armenie: Ակունք, Romanisit as Akunk’ an Akunq; till 1935, Kirkhbulag an Ghrkhbulagh) is a veelage in the Gegharkunik Province o Armenie. It wis foondit on the steid o a Bronze Age dounset an haes a fort datin frae the 6t-4t century BC. Thare are twa Tukh Manuk pilgrimage steids in the veelage as well. Wast o Akunk is the Klor Dar cyclopean fort.

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