Cerrito, Paraguay

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Cerrito is located in Paraguay
Coordinates: 27°19′12″S 57°40′12″W / 27.32000°S 57.67000°W / -27.32000; -57.67000
 • Total1,105

Cerrito is a ceety in the Ñeembucú Depairtment, Paraguay.

It is located alang the Parana River wi twa types o beaches: ane wi shallow depths in which ye can basically cross a lang stretch o the river an a deep ane juist athin a few meters frae the coast. The ceety haes a population o aboot 1,100.

Its name comes frae a little hill (cerrito) frae which ye can see the bonnie landscape o the ceety an the river. At the top o the hill lied a statue o umwhile Paraguayan preses Alfredo Stroessner which wis destroyed bi a lichtnin strike juist afore he wis owerthroun oot o the presidency in 1989. Some believe this event indicatit a "prediction" o the eventual fall o Stroessner.

A lot o Indian tribes inhabit the ceety, an several pre-Columbine tombs wur foond in an area that is vera hard tae reach because o the poor conditions o the dirt roads. The main tourist attraction o this ceety is the good fishin spots in the river.

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Coordinates: 27°19′S 57°40′W / 27.317°S 57.667°W / -27.317; -57.667