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Alex Hodgson (Born 12 augist 1961) is a Scottish folk sangster/sangwriter signed tae the record label Greentrax Recordings. In his early career, Alex wis the drummer an' leid vocalist ay the function baund 'The Lest Resort' alongside wirkin as a technician at Preston Lodge High School.[1] Alex gied this up tae focus oan his solo career efter his critically acclaimed first album launch wi' Greentrax Recordings cried 'Jeelie Jars an' Coalie Backies' in the month ay Julie 2010. His seicont album 'The Brig Tae Nae Whaur', released in 2014 wis ance again mit wi positife reviews bi mony in the Scottish folk scene [2] an several tracks waur uised fur local historical exhibitions an projects. Notably includin' 'the Battle Ay Pinkie Cleugh exhibition in Musselburgh Museum, in the Scots Language Centre [3] an' oan th' album 'The Muisic an Sang o the Great Tapestry o Scotland' that an aa featurt The Proclaimers, The Battlefield Baund, Gordon Gunn, Alastair Mcdonald an mony mair. Alex haes an aa bin featurt oan the album 'A Tribute in Muisic an Sang tae john Bellany' (Scottish Airtist) wi' his sang titled 'The Reel John Bellany' aside sangs bi The Corries, Davy Steele, Aly Bain an' Phil Cunningham.[4]

Born an' raised in his hametoon ay Prestonpans, Alex wis a staine flin' awa' frae the faur-kent Jacobite risins battlefield, the Battle ay Prestonpans an coontless ither historical sites in East Lowden. Usin' the rich history ay his surroondings as inspiration, he haes, throu his sang writin', helped tae spreid his keen interest in the historical heritage ay whaur he wis raised. As a twa-time winner ay 'Burnsong', an internaitional songwritin' competeetion held tae celebrate the works ay Rabbie Burns, Alex haes played in th' Scots Pairlament Buildin', In Balmoral Castle fur Queen Elizabeth II an' travelled th' warld celebratin' his Scottish heritage throu sang.[5]

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