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Garni Veelage as seen frae the Shrine o Saunt Sargis
Garni Veelage as seen frae the Shrine o Saunt Sargis
Garni Գառնի is located in Armenie
Garni Գառնի
Coordinates: 40°07′10″N 44°43′23″E / 40.11944°N 44.72306°E / 40.11944; 44.72306
Kintra Armenie
 • MayorAshot Vardanyan
 • Total33.42 km2 (12.90 sq mi)
1400 m (4,600 ft)
 • Total7,415
Time zoneUTC+4 (GMT +4)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (GMT+5)

Garni (Armenie: Գառնի) is a veelage in the Kotayk Province o Armenie, situatit approximately 28 km sootheast frae Yerevan.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The dounset haes an auncient history, an is best kent for the Hellenistic Garni temple. The aurie wis first occupeed in the 3rd millennium BC alang easily defensible terrain at ane o the bends o the Azat River. In the 8t century BC the aurie wis conquered bi the Urartian King Argishti I. The fortification at Garni wis erectit probably sometime in the 3rd century BC as a simmer residence for the Armenie Orontid an Artaxiad ryal dynasties. Later aroond the 1st century BC the fortress o Garni became the last refuge o King Mithridates o Armenie an whaur he an his faimily wur assassinatit bi his son-in-law an nephew Rhadamistus. The fortress wis eventually sacked in 1386 bi Timur Lenk. In 1679 an yirdquauk devastatit the aurie destroyin the temple.

Hintle o the population descends frae fowk settled in the population exchynge o 1829–1830 that follaeed the Treaty o Turkmenchay atween Roushie an Persie.

Monuments an landmarks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Garni is notable for its fortress complex wi the 1st century AD Garni Temple, Surb Astvatsatsin Kirk, Mashtots Hayrapet Kirk, a ruined 4t century single-aisle kirk, a ruined Tukh Manuk Shrine, Saunt Sargis Shrine, an a Queen Katranide Shrine.

Nearbi is the Garni Gorge wi well preservit basalt columns, carvit oot bi the Goght River. This portion o the gorge is teepically referred tae as the "Symphony o the Stanes". It is maist easily reached via a road that leads left doun the gorge juist afore reachin the temple o Garni. Anither road leads tae the gorge throu the veelage, doun a cobblestane road, an intae the glen.

Ance in the glen, turnin richt will lead tae Garni Gorge, an 11t century medieval brig, an the "Symphony o the Stanes". Takkin a left will lead alang the river past a fish hatchery, up tae the Khosrov State Reserve, an a little further Havuts Tar Monastery (which mey be seen frae the temple). Athin the reserve is Aghjots Vank o the 13t c. an aw, a kirk o S. Stepanos an the fortress o Kakavaberd. Garni lies alang the road tae the UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid o Geghard Monastery (further 7 km sootheast).

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