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For the toun in Syunik province, see Yeghvard, Syunik.
View o Yeghvard frae atop Munt Ara
View o Yeghvard frae atop Munt Ara
Yeghvard is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°19′18″N 44°28′53″E / 40.32167°N 44.48139°E / 40.32167; 44.48139
Marz (Province)Kotayk
 • Total65.32 km2 (25.22 sq mi)
 • Total11,627
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 ( )

Yeghvard (Armenie: Եղվարդ; Romanisit as Yevgard, Yegvart, Yegvard, Eghvard, an Jegward an aw) is a ceety in the Kotayk Province o Armenie. Yeghvard is ane o the auldest dounsets, it is full o different periods an teeps o valuable airchitectural monuments. Thare are three kirks in the ceety. In the centre is a sma domit kirk o Surb Astvatsatsin kent as Yeghvard Kirk o 1301 an aw wi the foondation o anither kirk adjacent, ruins o Katoghike Kirk, a muckle triple-nave basilica biggit in the 5t tae 6t centuries locatit northwast o S. Astvatsatsin, an a sm Saunt Sargis Kirk. In the toun near the kirk o S. Astvatsatsin locatit atween hooses is a Surb Astvatsatsin shrine. The shrine is a stepped pillar similar tae ane that mey be seen in the toun o Avan, an haes a carvin o a wumman on three o the faces. A muckle new project will be made cried Lakeside Resorts kent as the Masis, Sis an New Armenie. It will be a 4 saison paradise attractin tourists aw year roond. The project is expectit tae be completit bi the year 2015.

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