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For the veelage in Azerbaijan, see Tsaxkadzor.
Tsaghkadzor Ծաղկաձոր is located in Armenie
Tsaghkadzor Ծաղկաձոր
Coordinates: 40°31′52.89″N 44°43′29.81″E / 40.5313583°N 44.7249472°E / 40.5313583; 44.7249472
Foondit5t century
 • MayorGarun Mirzoyan
 • Total1,600
WebsiteOffeecial Wabsteid
Sources: Population [1]

Tsaghkadzor (Armenie: Ծաղկաձոր, Romanizit as Tsakhkadzor an aw; umwhile, Darachichag) is a spa toun an a popular heal resort in Armenie locatit north o Hrazdan in the Kotayk Province (marz). The population o 1,600 in 2009, is a decrease o mair nor hauf o the 3,400 reportit in the 1989 census.

Tsaghkadzor means glen o flouers in Armenie. The ceety is locatit 50 kilometers north o Yerevan, on the sootheastren slope o Teghenis Muntains, at a hicht o 1750 meters abuin sea level, surroondit wi alpine meadaes.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

View o Tsaghkadzor an Lake Sevan frae the ski slopes

In the early medieval period the region belangit tae the feudal clan o Varazhnuni, which govrened the forest that wis uised as a huntin grund for the Armenie Arshakuni Keengs frae the 4t tae the 5t centuries. In the 6t century, the territory passed intae the possession o the Hoose o Kamsarakan. Beginnin frae the 10t century, the clan o Kamsarakan mergit wi the Hoose o Pahlavuni, who wur relatit tae the Arshakunis an aw. Gregory Pahlavuni, the leader o the clan an subsequently the prince o the Kecharis principality, biggit the Kecharis Monastery in honour o Gregory the Illumanitor in 1033. In 1051 he constructit the Kirk o Holy Nshan. The territory passed tae the rule o Zakarid princes durin the 13-14t centuries, at times fawin tae the rule o Proshyan an Khagbakyan faimilies. Durin the lairger pairt o the later centuries, the region wis constantly the arena o the Ottoman-Persie wars. Feenally in 1828, accordin tae the Treaty o Turkmenchay, the region wis connectit wi the Erivan Govrenorate an entered intae the composition o the Roushie Empire. Durin the Soviet era Tsaghkadzor wis developit intae a modren ceety intendit tae attract lairge nummers o tourists. Mony historical biggins an dachas, biggit afore the revolution bi industrialists an merchants frae Yerevan an Tbilisi, wur aither naitionalizit in favor o the state or thay wur sauld in auctions.

Currently, Tsaghkadzor is a fast developin winter resort that attracts hunders o ski an snawbuird enthusiasts frae aroond the warld. Mony fowk chuise this undiscovered destination tae combine thair snaw experience wi an extraordinary experience o tourin the kintra in the wintertime. The best months for skiin an snawbuirdin are normally Februar an Mairch. Uisually, snaw kiver is guid frae Januar tae mid-Aprile.

On 11 August 2008, aboot 90 American Peace Corps volunteers, trainees an staff memmers wur relocatit[2] tae Tsaghkadzor frae Georgie as a precaution durin the militar conflict wi Roushie.

Cultural heritage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kecharis Monastery

Ane o the maist interestin releegious complexes o Armenie is locatit in Tsaghkadzor. The Kecharis Monastery o the 11t century is a group o 4 kirks, an it is ane o the well-preservit medieval airchitectural samples o the Armenie Heichland.

The Orbeli brithers' hoose-museum in Tsaghkadzor is dedicatit tae the Armenie scientists Ruben, Levon an Joseph Orbeli who wur native o Tsaghkadzor. Professor Ruben Orbeli wis the foonder o marine airchaeologie an ane o the major specialists o ocean ingineerin. Physiologist Levon Orbeli wis a memmer o the Academies o Science o USSR an Armenie SSR. Scientist Joseph Orbeli wis an orientalist specialisit in medieval history o Soothren Caucasus, he admeenistered the State Hermitage Museum in Saunt Petersburg frae 1934 tae 1951.[3]

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tsaghkadzor Sports Complex
The ropeway

The infrastructur o tourism is heichlie developit in Tsaghkadzor, wi mony luxurious hotels, resorts an amusement facilities. The Tsaghkadzor ski resort is locatit juist abuin the toun, on a hicht o 1750 meters abuin sea level. Durin the recent years the ski resort wis fully modrenisit. Aw ropewaa lifts are manufactured an operatit bi Leitner Group. The current structur replacit existin Soviet era lifts, maistly follaein thair path. Thare wur initially three consecutive lifts stretchin frae the fuit o the muntain (1969m abuin sea level) up till the muntain peak (2819m), wi the first an seicont lifts endin at 2234m an 2465m abuin sea level respectively. In 2006 a fowert lift wis addit, stretchin frae the end o the first stage towards an opposite hilltop, sicweys addin twa trails, baith leadin doun tae the fuit o the slopes.[4] Apairt frae the lifts the resort affers ski an snawbuird rental as well as skiin instructors. The skiin saison in Tsag hkadzor normally starts mid December an stretches well intae Mairch wi the tap slopes aften fit for skiin in Aprile.

The Olympic Sports Complex o Tsaghkadzor wis biggit specifically for the preparation o the Soviet athletes for the 1968 Simmer Olympic Gemmes in Mexico Ceety. The day the sports complex which wis thoroughly owerhauled in 2008, opens its doors tae aw visitors. The complex provides trainin facilities for 35 types o sports. It consists o a fitbaw stadium, soummin an divin puils, a ski run piste, several indoor sport haws an facilities for mony ither types o sports.

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