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Katharinenfeld 1941

Bolnisi (Georgie: ბოლნისი), is a ceety in the kintra o Georgie, locatit in the Kvemo Kartli region an caipital o the Bolnisi Destrict. Currently haes a estimatit 13,800 indwallers.

In 1818 the colony Katharinenfeld wis foondit in Bolnisi bi 95 German colonist faimilies frae Swabie. Efter the occupation o the Red Airmy in 1921, it wis renamit tae Luxemburg efter the German communist Rosa Luxemburg. In 1941 aw the Germans stryndants who wur no marriet tae Georgies wur deportit tae Siberie an Kazakhstan. In 1944 the toun wis ance again renamit as Bolnisi.

The economy is maistly agrarian wi the notable exceptions o a winery, brewery, an a gowd mine in the nearbi veelage o Kazreti.

Bolnisi is the hame o the auldest datit Christian structur in Georgie an the Caucasus.[1] It is kent as Bolnisi Sioni (Sioni bein Georgie for Zion an a designation uised bi mony o thair kirks). This three-nave basilica kirk dates tae the 5t century AD an featurs some pagan elements in its stanewirk. The oreeginal ruif is missin but haes been replacit wi a modren coverin.

A dedication inscription frae the Bolnisi kirk, carvit in the late 5t century, is ane o the auldest datit specimens o Georgie writin. It mentions Bishop David o Bolnisi an twa Sassanid keengs Peroz I an Kavadh I.[1]

A airfield near the ceety wis reportit tae hae been bombit bi Roushie on 8 August 2008 durin the Roushie-Georgie war. [1][deid airtin]

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