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Ambrolauri is located in Georgia (country)
Location o Ambrolauri in Georgie
Coordinates: 42°31′18″N 43°08′54″E / 42.52167°N 43.14833°E / 42.52167; 43.14833
Kintra Georgie
MkhareRacha-Lechkhumi an Kvemo Svaneti
 • Total2,047
Time zoneUTC+4 (Georgie Time)

Ambrolauri (Georgie: ამბროლაური) is a toun in wastren Georgie which serves as a regional caipital o Racha-Lechkhumi an Kvemo Svaneti an the centre o the homonymous destrict. As o the 2014 census, it haed a population of 2,047.

Ambrolauri is kent frae the 17t century whan it servit as ane o the residences o the keengs o Imereti. O this ryal complex, anerlie the ruins o a kirk an a touer hae survivit. In 1769, the Imeretian keeing Solomon I grantit this locale tae the prince Zurab Machabeli who erectit a touer thare, which is nou kent as the "Machabeli touer". Ambrolauri wis offeecially grantit the status o toun in 1966. It wis damagit bi the 1991 Racha yirdquauk.

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