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Coordinates: 42°10′N 42°59′E / 42.167°N 42.983°E / 42.167; 42.983
 • GovrenorZviad Shalamberidze
 • Total6552 km2 (2,530 sq mi)
 • Total533,906
 • Density81/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4
Region ISO 3166 codeGE-IM
Destricts11 destricts, 1 ceety

Imereti (Georgie: იმერეთი) is a province in Georgie situatit alang the middle an upper reaches o the Rioni river.

In late antiquity an early Middle Ages the auncient wastren Georgie kinrick o Egrisi existit on the territory o Imereti. Its king declared Christianity as an offeecial releegion o Egrisi in 523 AD. In 975-1466 Imereti wis pairt o the unitit Georgie Kinrick. Syne its disintegration in the 15t century, Imereti wis an independent kinrick.

In the 17t-18t centuries the kinrick of Imereti suffered frequent invasions bi the Turks an recognizit tae patronage o Ottoman Empire till 1810, when it wis annexed bi the Roushie Empire. The last king o Imereti wis Solomon II (1789-1810).

Frae 1918 tae 1921, Imereti wis pairt o the independent Democratic Republic o Georgie. Athin the USSR, the region wis pairt o the Transcaucasian SFSR frae 1922–1936, an pairt o the Georgie SSR frae 1936–1991. Syne Georgie unthirldom in 1991, Imereti haes been a region in the Georgie wi Kutaisi as the regional caipital.

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Imereti consists o the follaein Georgie admeenistrative-territorial units:

  1. Kutaisi (ceety)
  2. Baghdati region
  3. Vani region
  4. Zestafoni region
  5. Terjola region
  6. Samtredia region
  7. Sachkhere region
  8. Tkibuli region
  9. Chiatura region
  10. Tskaltubo region
  11. Kharagauli region
  12. Khoni region

The province's main ceety is Kutaisi; ither urban industrial centers include Samtredia, Chiatura (manganese production centre), Tkibuli (coal minin centre), Zestaponi (kent for metals production), Khoni, an Sachkhere. Traditionally, Imereti is an agricultural region, kent for its mulberries an grapes.

Leid[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 550,000 Imeretians speak a Georgie dialect; they are ane o the local cultur-groups o the ethnically subdividit Georgie fowk.

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