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Kakheti Region

კახეთის მხარე

Kakhetis Mkhare
Map heichlichtin the modren poleetical subdiveesion
Map heichlichtin the modren poleetical subdiveesion
Map heichlichtin the historical region o Kakheti in Georgie
Map heichlichtin the historical region o Kakheti in Georgie
Kintra Georgie
 • GovrenorIrakli Shioshvili
 • Total11310 km2 (4,370 sq mi)
 • Total318,583
 • Density28/km2 (73/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4
ISO 3166 codeGE-KA

Kakheti (Kaxeti, Georgie: კახეთი) is a historical province in Eastren Georgie inhabitit bi Kakhetians who speak a local dialect o Georgie. It is bordered bi the sma muntainous province o Tusheti an the Greater Caucasus muntain range tae the north, Roushie tae the Northeast, Azerbaijan tae the Sootheast, an the Georgie province o Kartli tae the wast. Kakheti is geographically dividit intae the Inner Kakheti tae the east o Tsiv-Gombori muntain range an the Ooter Kakheti tae the wast o it. The major river o the eastren pairt is Alazani, while that o the wastren pairt is the Iori.

The Georgie David Gareja monastery complex is pairtially locatit in this province an is subject tae a border dispute atween Georgie an Azerbaijani authorities.[1]

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ayont the modren-day admeenistrative subdiveesion intae the destricts, Kakheti haes traditionally been subdividit intae fower pairts: Inner Kakheti (შიგნით კახეთი, Shignit Kakheti) alang the richt bank o the Alazani River, Ooter Kakheti (გარე კახეთი, Gare Kakheti) alang the middle Iori River basin, Qiziki (ქიზიყი) atween the Alazani an the Iori, an Thither Aurie (გაღმა მხარი, Gaghma Mkhari) on the left bank o the Alazani. It an aw includes the medieval region o Hereti whose name haes fallen intae gradual oblivion syne the 15t century.

Subdiveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kakheti region is dividit intae aicht the municipalities:

  • The Telavi Municipality (aurie 1.094 km2, population 58.350)
  • The Akhmeta Municipality (aurie 2.248 km2, population 31.461)
  • The Gurjaani Municipality (aurie 849 km2, population 54.337)
  • The Kvareli Municipality (aurie 1.000 km2, population 29.827)
  • The Dedoplistskaro Municipality (aurie 2.531 km2, population 21.221)
  • The Lagodekhi Municipality (aurie 890 km2, population 41.678)
  • The Sagarejo Municipality (aurie 1.515 km2, population 51.761)
  • The Sighnaghi Municipality (aurie 1.251 km2, population 29.948)[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Signagi is becomin an important cultural center in the region

Kakheti wis an independent feudal principality frae the end o the aicht century. It wis incorporatit intae the unitit Kinrick o Georgie at the beginnin o the eleivent century, but for less nor a decade. Anerlie in the beginnin o the twalt century did Georgie Keeng David the Builder (1089–1125) incorporate Kakheti intae his Kinrick successfully.

The Alazani River Plain, wi the Caucasus Muntains in the backgrund

Efter the disintegration o the Georgie Kinrick, Kakheti became an independent Kinrick in the 1460s. In 1762, the Kakhetian Kinrick wis unitit wi the neighborin Georgie Kinrick o Kartli, wi the caipital o the umwhile, Telavi an aw ciapital o the Albanie Hereti, becomin the caipital o the unitit Eastren-Georgie Kinrick o Kartl-Kakheti an assimilation o Albanies strengthened bi kirk. Baith kinricks wur weakened bi frequent Persie invasions. In 1801 the Kinrick o Kartl-Kakheti wis annexed tae the Tsarist Roushie Empire.

In 1918–1921 Kakheti wis pairt o independent Democratic Republic o Georgie, in 1922–1936 pairt o Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic an in 1936–1991 pairt o Georgie Soviet Socialist Republic. Syne the Georgie unthirldom in 1991, Kakheti is a region in the republic o Georgia an Telavi is still its caipital.

Travel Information[eedit | eedit soorce]

The travel infrastructur in Kakheti is fast developin, syne it is the maist visitit region o Georgie. Ane can chuise tae stay in a guest hoose, in a sma an comfortable hotel, or a beautiful boutique-style hotel while travelin in this Region. Telavi an Signagi are the maist visitit touns. Signagi wis renovatit three years ago. Till recently there wur anerlie some family hotels (simple rooms in a family-awned hoose wi a shared bathruim), but nou Signagi featurs several hotels, ane o them being the maist popular due tae its interior an restaurant - "Hotel Pirosmany", namit efter the famous Georgie artist.

See an aw[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gremi kirk in Kakheti.

Footnotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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