Gori, Georgie

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Georgian Orthodox Cathedral in Gori
Georgian Orthodox Cathedral in Gori
Banner o Gori  გორი
Offeecial seal o Gori  გორი
Kintra Georgie
Region Shida Kartli
Elevation 588 m (1,929 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Tot 49,500
Time zone Georgie Time (UTC+4)
Website http://www.gori-municipality.ge

Gori (Georgie: გორი) is a ceety in eastren Georgie, which serves as the regional caipital o Shida Kartli an the centre o the homonymous admeenistrative destrict. The name is frae Georgie gora (გორა), that is, "heap", or "hill".[1] As o 2002, it haed a population o 49,500.

Gori wis a important militar stranghauld in the Middle Ages an maintains a strategic importance due tae its location on the principal heich-gate connectin eastren an wastren pairts o Georgie. In the course o its history, Gori haes been invadit bi the airmies o regional pouers several times. The ceety wis occupeed bi Roushie troops durin the Roushie-Georgie War.

Gori is kent as the birthplace o the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin an ballistic missile designer Alexander Nadiradze an aw.

Geografie an climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gori is locatit 76 kilometres (47 mi) wast o Georgie's caipital Tbilisi, at the confluence o the rivers Mtkvari an Greater Liakhvi, 588 metres (1,929 ft) abuin sea level. The climate is transitional frae moderately warm steppe tae moderately humid. Simmer is uisually hot. The average annual temperatur is 10.9 °C (51.6 °F), minimal in Januar (−1.2 °C/29.8 °F) an maximal in August (22.5 °C/72.5 °F). The maximum precipitation faws in Mey (76 mm/3.0 in) an minimum in August (34 mm/1.3 in) an Januar (30 mm/1.2 in).

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 41°58′N 44°06′E / 41.967°N 44.100°E / 41.967; 44.100