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FC Bayern Munich II

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Bayern München II
Full nameFC Bayern München II
Nickname(s)Kleine Bayern (Little Bayern)
GroundStadion an der Grünwalder Straße
Ground Capacity21,272
ChairmanUli Hoeneß
ManagerHolger Seitz
LeagueRegionalliga Bayern (IV)
Current saison

Bayern Munich II (Bayern Munich Amateure till 2005) are the reserve team o German association fitbaw club Bayern Munich. In 2010–11 they played in the 3. Liga, haein qualifee'd for its inaugural saison in 2008, an hae consistently played at the third level o German fitbaw (the heichest permissible level for reserve teams) — they played in the Regionalliga Süd frae its fuirmation in 1994 tae 2008, when it wis usurpit bi the 3. Liga. They hae generally achievit at least mid-table feenishes at this level, an wan the Regionalliga Süd title in 2004. In 2010–11 Bayern II feenished last in the 3. Liga an wis thus relegatit tae the Regionalliga.

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