Airms o Canadae

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Royal Coat of Arms of Canada.svg

The Airms o Canadae (kent as the Ryal Coat o Airms o Canadae an aa[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] or formally as the Airms o His/Her Majesty in Richt o Canadae)[8] is, syne 1921, the offeecial coat o airms o the Canadian monarch, an o the hale o Canadae. It is closely modelled efter the ryal coat o airms o the Unitit Kinrick wi distinctive Canadian elements replacin or addit tae thaim that is derived frae the Breetish.

The maple Leafs in the shield, blazoned "proper", wis oreeginally drawn vert (green) but wis redrawn gules (reid) in 1957. A circlet o the Order o Canadae wis addit tae the airms for limitit uise in 1987. The shield design forms the Royal Standard o Canadae, an the shield is foond on the Canadian Red Ensign. The Banner o the Govrenor General o Canadae, whilk umwhile uised the shield ower the Union Banner, nou uises the crest o the airms on a blue field.

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