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Emblem o Unitit Kinrick

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Ryal coat o airms o the Unitit Kinrick
Ryal coat o airms o the Unitit Kinrick as uised in Scotland

The Ryal Coat o Airms o the Unitit Kinrick is the offeecial coat o airms o the Breetish monarch, currently King Charles III. Thir airms is uised by the Queen in her offeecial capacity as monarch, an is offeecially kent as her Airms o Dominion. Variants o the Ryal Airms are uised by ither members o the Ryal Faimily; an by the Breetish Govrenment in connection wi the admeenistration an govrenment o the kintra. In Scotland, the Queen haes a sindry version o the Ryal Airms, a variant o it is uised by the Scotland Office.