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Fioletovo is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°43′29″N 44°42′50″E / 40.72472°N 44.71389°E / 40.72472; 44.71389
Marz (Province)Lori Province
 • Total1,373
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 ( )

Fioletovo (till 1936, Nikitino) is a veelage in the Lori Province o Armenie. The settlement wis renamed in 1936 tae honor Ivan Fioletov, a socialist activist shot alang wi the Baku Commissars[1].

This bonnie veelage haes a majority o Molokans, a Christian sect who evolved frae Spiritual Christian Roushie peasants that refused tae obey the Roushie Orthodox Kirk, in the beginnin o the 17t century. Few memebrs o the sect settled in Armenie durin the 19t century.

The veelage haes an extremely cauld winter wi a ceul an mild simmer. It lies unner a thick layer o snaw durin the lang winter saison, whaur anerlie the roofs o hooses coud be seen frae the top wi their smokin chimneys. The population o the veelage is diminishin year bi year as the immigration is growin amang its residents, who are tryin tae leuk for better economical conditions, either in Armenie or abroad.

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