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For the monastery, see Alaverdi Monastery.
In Georgian culture, the alaverdi is the body grantit the richt tae speak richt efter the toastmaister, see Tamada.
Alaverdi Ceety landmarks General view o Alaverdi • Debed River seen frae the rowpwey Residential biggins • Sanahin brig o 1195
Alaverdi Ceety landmarks

General view o Alaverdi • Debed River seen frae the rowpwey
Residential biggins • Sanahin brig o 1195
Alaverdi is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 41°08′N 44°39′E / 41.133°N 44.650°E / 41.133; 44.650
Kintra Armenie
Toun status1938
 • Total18 km2 (7 sq mi)
1000 m (3,000 ft)
 • Total16,500
 • Density916.7/km2 (2,374/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (UTC)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (DST)
Area code(s)(+374)253
Sources: Population [2]

Alaverdi (Armenie: Ալավերդի) umwhile Manes, is a ceety situatit in the northeast o the Armenie province o Lori, no far frae the border wi Georgie. This minin an industrial ceety wi approximately 16,500 inhabitants situatit at the bottom o the Debed river gorge, is ane o the commercial an industrial centres o the destrict. It is situatit at the anerlie direct rail link atween Armenie an Georgie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

General view o Alaverdi

Historically, the aurie o Manes-Alaverdi wis pairt o Dzoropor canton o Gugark province o Greater Armenia. Stairtin frae the 17t century, the dounset became tae be kent as Alaverdi which is derivit frae the name o a 17t century Turkic tribe leader cried Allahverdi Mollaoghlu Tarkhan.

Whan the aurie wis annexed tae the Roushie Empire at the end o the 18t century, a nummer o Greek miners wur resettled in the aurie tae stairt exploitin the copper, throu the efforts o the Argoutinski-Dolgoruki faimily. Suin efter, nearly a quairter o the entire Roushie copper wis bein mined in Alaverdi. At the end o the 19t century, the concession tae exploit the mine wis sauld tae a French firm. Durin the Soviet rule in the 20t century, the ceety acquired its current socialist industrial appearance. Efter the unthirldom, the metallurgical plant wis privatisit tae become a major employer for the ceety an its surroondins.

Alaverdi haes mony historical structurs, includin the 12t century brig o Sanahin.

Housomeivver, mony ither important cultural monuments are locatit in the vicinity o the toun, includin the monasteries o Sanahin, Haghpat, Kobayr, Akhtala, Khorakert, Khuchap, Ardvi an a basilica in Odzun.

Industry[eedit | eedit soorce]

Alaverdi Copper Factory

Durin the Georgie rule ower Alaverdi region, the Alaverdi Copper Smelter wis foondit in 1770, bi the order o Georgie king Erekle II. At the end o the 19t century, the region wis flourished even mair through the new Roushie an French investments in metallurgical business. In 1903, the amoont o copper producit in Alaverdi region made aroond 13% o the total copper production in the Roushie Empire.

Bi the end o 1909, the hydropouer plant o Debed river wis inauguratit in order tae provide the developin metallurgical plants wi sufficient energy.

Durin the Soviet rule, massive construction wirks wur carriet on in Alaverdi, includin the surroondin auries o Sanahin an ither veelages. The Soviets made significant steps for the enlairgement o the metallurgical industrie in the region, which haes turned Alaverdi frae a sma industrial dounset tae a modren toun athin Soviet Armenie.

Recently, new plans wur introducit for the expansion o copper production in Alaverdi Smelter an the development o new copper mines athin the framewirks o the "Armenie Copper" project.

Currently, 500 wirkers an admeenistrative staff are employed in the copper factory.

Education an releegion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dountoun Alaverdi

The first educational centre in the aurie o Alaverdi wis the University o Sanahin, which wis opened in 966 AD bi the efforts o the Bagratuni queen Khosrovanush.

Currently, Alaverdi is considered an important educational centre for the region. As o 2009, 10 public education schuils are operatin in the toun wi nearly 2,000 students, an 6 nursery schuils wi mair nor 400 kids.

The State College o Alaverdi affers an opportunity in pedagogical studies wi a duration o twa years while the Tumanynan branch o the Northren University, affers studyins in Nursing an Dental prosthesis.

A muisic academy namit efter Romanos Melikian an 3 schuils o airt are functionin in Alaverdi, wi a total nummer o 600 students (2009).[3]

The Alaverdi cultural complex wis foondit in 1997. It consists o a lairge theatre haw an a big public leebrar.

In November 2001, the kirk o Surb Grigor o Narek wis opened in Alaverdi bi the efforts o the Alaverdi copper factory, the Diocese o Gugark an the local citizens o the toun.[4]

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

File:Alaverdi stadium2 arm.jpg
Alaverdi stadium

In 1936, Alaverdi's Metalurg football team pairticipatit in the first iver USSR fitbaw championship, representin the Armenie SSR, but wi nae ony memorable achievements. Efter unthirldom, the club Debed Alaverdi pairticipatit in the Armenie Premier League for the 1992 saison. Unfortunately the club dissolvit in 1993 an is currently inactive frae profeesional fitbaa.

In Soviet years the toun wis famous in the Armenie SSR for its strang haundbaw players. Nouadays, a trainin academy namit efter USSR's haundbaw starn o the 1960s; Oleg Gorbunov, is still operatin in the toun syne 1962.[5] The schuil haes young basketbaw an warstlin teams wi mair nor 100 kids an aw.

In 2006 the toun celebratit the inauguration o chess an boxin trainin schuils.

Housomeivver, the organisations in Alaverdi are vera poor, but some plans hae been implementit bi the Fitball Federation o Armenie tae promote the game in the Lori province, tharefore the toun's anerlie stadium; the Alaverdi City Stadium, which is locatit deep in the forests, wis recently turned intae an aw seater stadium wi a capacity o 1,000 seats tae serve some young fitbaw teams an sport-schuils.

Nature an nearbi attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nearbi resort on Dzoraget River

The aurie o Alaverdi is rich wi historical monuments an natural life. The ceety itsel is built in the glen o Debed river, surroondit wi heich muntains an green forests. Mony samples o the Armenie airchitectural heritage are locatit near the ceety o Alaverdi:

  • Odzun Church o the 5t century.
  • Horomayr Monastery o the 7t century near Odzun veelage.
  • Surb Hovhannes kirk o Ardvi frae the 8t century.
  • Kaytson Castle o the 9t century locatit near the shores o Debed river.
  • Sanahin Monastery foondit in the 10t century.
  • Haghpat Monastery o the 10t century.
  • Kirk o the Fowerty Martyrs frae the 11t century.
  • The medieval brig o Sanahin near Alaverdi, built in 1195.
  • Kayan Berd, a black fortress built in 1233 near Alaverdi.
  • Hoose-museum o Hovhannes Tumanyan, locatit in Dsegh veelage near Alaverdi.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Residential buildings
Year Population
1916 1,185
1939 10,000
1959 16,805
1965 24,600
2008 13,225

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

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