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Aghavnatun Աղավնատուն is located in Armenie
Aghavnatun Աղավնատուն
Coordinates: 40°14′00″N 44°15′05″E / 40.23333°N 44.25139°E / 40.23333; 44.25139
 • Total3,164

Aghavnatun (Armenie: Աղավնատուն, Romanisit as Akhavnatun, Agavnatun an aw; umwhile, Akhavnatukh) is a toun in the Armavir Province o Armenie. The toun has the ruins o a Iron Age fort, a 13t century tomb an chapel. Thare fower kirk, the auldest o whilk is Saunt Gevorg o the 10t century. A brae top juist ootby toun is dominate bi a circular touer the ettle an date o whilk isnae kent.

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