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Hoktember is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°08′10″N 44°00′50″E / 40.13611°N 44.01389°E / 40.13611; 44.01389
 • Total5,809

Hoktember (Armenie: Հոկտեմբեր, Romanisit as Oktember an aw; till 1935, Sardarapat) is a toun in the Armavir Province o Armenie.

Bi the ceety is the steid o the important Persian fortress Sardari Berd. This wis biggit aroond 1810 wi Breetish technical assistance bi Sardar Hosein Qoli Khan Qajar, (Sardari Iravani) last an best o the Persie Qajar govrenors o the Erivan Khanate, uisin stanes taken frae the ruins o auncient Armavir, some still bearin traces o cuneiform inscriptions. Uised as admeenistrative centre for the Sardarapat destrict an simmer residence o the Khan o Erevan, the fortress wis taken bi the Roushies unner General Paskevich in 1828, despite stout defence bi Hasan Khan Sardari Iravani, Hosein's brither. Amaist nae trace o the fortress is left, this remnant o foreign rule haein been dismantled tae build Soviet Armenie.

A major featur o the ceety is the Sardarapat Monument commemoratin the Battle o Sardarapat.

Syne 1967, the toun haes includit the ance unthirlt toun o Norapat.[1]


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