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Gerald Edelman
Professor Gerald M. Edelman (cropped).jpg
Gerald M. Edelman in 2010.
Born Gerald Maurice Edelman
1 Julie 1929(1929-07-01)
Ozone Park, Queens, New York
Died 17 Mey 2014(2014-05-17) (aged 84)[1]
La Jolla, Californie
Naitionality American
Alma mater Ursinus College, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, The Rockefeller University
Kent for immune system
Hauf-marrae(s) Maxine M. Morrison (m. 1950; 3 children)
Awairds Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1972
Scientific career
Fields Immunology; neuroscience

Gerald Maurice Edelman (1 Julie 192917 Mey 2014) wis an American biologist. He sharit the 1972 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine wi Rodney Robert Porter. Thay won the awaird for thair wirk on the immune system.[2] Edelman's Nobel Prize-winnin research concernit discovery o the structur of antibody molecules.[3]

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